Wednesday, December 1, 2010

the government

hello again to all the people who will never read this i wanted to say that i feal that the government is unfair to the people because they dont get anything done like the football stadium at the MB univercity i mean they should be able to get is done for the fact that they have been working on it for what now 8 months and i wana see them do this like if im loseing intrest in then then they must not be doing a very good job and im not really a big football fan my self but i still think that it would be nice to see it get done so for anyone or no one who agrees with me please fallow


im not sure how much i will use this blog but i will try to use it as much as i can if your one of the few people who will auctily read this i just want to say that my spelling isnt that great so im sorry but you should be able to make out what im trying to say.